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PDF-Tools is a software which comes equipped with several essential tools for manipulating PDF documents, including splitting, merging and extracting pages.

The interface of the application is simplistic and easy to navigate through. Upon initialization, you can create a new PDF file from images, text files or by scanning documents.

In addition, you can add or edit PDF bookmarks, split or merge documents, as well as configure page settings (e.g. paper size, units, rotation, crop).

But you can also optimize PDFs (e.g. fonts, streams compression, remove all named objects which are not being used, delete metadata) and extract specific pages or images from a PDF file.

Furthermore, you can convert PDFs to other text files (e.g. RTF, DOC, TXT), insert hyperlinks in the PDFs, and more.

The application requires a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, supports multiple languages for the interface, includes a comprehensive help file with snapshots for all user levels and has a very good response time.

On the other hand, the tool crashed a couple of times during our tests. For example, we attempted to convert a PDF document to the RTF format. Besides the fact that it doesn't appear to be very stable on Windows 7, we suggest you test PDF-Tools for yourself to see if it matches your preferences.

PDF-Tools was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 28th, 2014
PDF-Tools - In the main window of PDF-Tools, you can choose to add, modify or extract content from an existing PDF documentPDF-Tools - In order to split or merge PDF files, you can load them from your computer and preview them in the dedicated sectionPDF-Tools - You have the option to specify the grouping action required for the selected files or you can separate each page to a different documentPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-ToolsPDF-Tools

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