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A reliable application that can serve as a powerful PDF inspector, with ability to browse internal objects and generate XREF tables

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PDFGears is a comprehensive program that enables you to inspect the elements contained within a PDF, by generating a hierarchical tree of the document and a list of XREF tables. The software can generate the document tree schema, the elements divided by pages, font information and images.

Reliable PDF inspector

The software enables you to view the metadata of each element in a PDF, either object, identifier or type. It can create and display references to and from any particular object, as well as indicate its links with other elements from within the document. Moreover, the syntax of the page is highlighted and accompanied by a short description.

The software is structured on three columns: the document hierarchy tree on the left, the XREF table on the right and the content of the PDF itself in the centered space. The hierarchy schema can reveal all the objects, IDs and types, in a general display, but you may also view the list of pages, the fonts and the pictures.

Quick searches and analysis tools

Each element is analyzed for its HEX code, stream length, type or subtype, metadata, format, IDs and URLs. Each object features different parameters, but the software can display all of them and highlight page syntax, where possible. When viewing the number of pages, you can observe the general list of contents, classes, types, groups, as well as parent-child relations.

You may inspect fonts, file formats, types, encoding, character range as well as if it contains Unicode elements. Moreover, the software can extract all the images from the document and display them under the dedicated tab or export them to local files. The XREF tables indicate all the references that you can find in a PDFs structure and allows you to search for objects.

PDF analysis and diagnosis

PDFGears can help you view and analyze the structure of a document, as well as offer support for advanced PDF encryption, such as AES 256. The software allows you to observe every element of the file and generates error/warning logs. Additionally, you can view descriptions for each PDF command and element, then easily copy the string to clipboard.

PDFGears was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
PDFGears - PDFGears is a reliable tool that enables you to analyze all the elements and XREF tables contained within PDFs.PDFGears - The software can easily generate a PDF's structure and hierarchy tree, as well as display the XREF tables in separate windows.PDFGears - The software can identify and relay all the images contained within a PDF, along with details such as color space and metadata.PDFGears

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