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Translate PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats using this command-line program with extensive file type support

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PStoEdit is a command-line application made to facilitate file type conversion from PostScript and PDF graphics to other vector formats.

It offers support for PDF, gnuplot, LWO (LightWave 3D), RIB (RenderMan), RPL (Real3D), TCL/TK, HPGL, MetaPost (for usage with TeX/LaTeX), Kontour, GNU metafile, Skencil, Mathematic, and others.

Customizable setup pack

Installing the tool does not take a long time, and users are given the possibility to handpick the exact components they want set up while excluding the rest.

The package includes .h and .lib files for using the pstoedit.dll in other programs, PostScript examples, plugins for SVG, MIF, EMF and CGM formats, importps for MS Office integration, along with a plugin for GraphicsMagick (provdided that it is installed on the PC).

Straightforward and intuitive commands

The software application features only standard commands for performing a file type conversion. So, all you have to do is point out the source file, output destination and format to encode files. There are no other noteworthy options provided by this piece of software.

Evaluation and conclusion

PStoEdit does not put a strain on computer performance, since it runs on low CPU and RAM. It carries out conversion jobs in reasonable time. We have not come across any stability issues in our tests, since the app did not hang, crash or pop up error messages.

To sum it up, PStoEdit proves to be a reliable tool for converting PostScript and PDF graphics to other vector formats which comes in handy to all users preferring to work with console apps rather than graphical interfaces.

PStoEdit was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 13th, 2014
PStoEdit - The Command Prompt window enables you to view all the available options for PStoEdit

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