SoftDigi PDF Viewer (formerly SD PDF Viewer)

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A PDF viewer with built-in editing capabilities, enabling you to manipulate document pages and protect your files using secure passwords

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Text is one of the basic actions that can be performed on a PC. It lived on and is now used as a communication method, as well as an important activity in businesses. There’s one file format in particular that puts an emphasis on security. The PDF document requires specialized applications even to be viewed, and is exactly where SoftDigi PDF Viewer comes in handy.

Cool visuals and intuitive layout

Right from the installation process you can tell that there’s been a lot of effort put into development. On a visual level, the application is no less than impressive, with smooth animations for every window that pops up or button pressed, high-quality window elements, and a pleasant overall arrangement of panels and functions.

A few tips are shown at the start, but you can easily discard them to put the application to the test. As the name suggests, the core function is to offer a suitable environment to view PDF files. Sadly, you can’t drag them over the main window and you have to use the open dialog here.

Various view, edit, and export options

When opened, files are shown at actual page size, along with a document explorer pane so you can easily browse through content. View types let you zoom in and out, or split the canvas in multiple section to fit more pages in a single screen. In case images don’t matter, you can switch to a special view mode that extracts and shows just text.

The upper toolbar is a more stylized version of the popular ribbon menu, and is also fitted with a few tabs. Apart from the Main tab where you get to manage general view operations, there are also some settings dedicated to editing.

Even so, you don’t get to manage any content-related operations. Editing here only refers to the general document structure. In other words, you are able to add or extract pages, remove those you don’t need, and save those of interest as images of popular file formats. In addition, you can add a password protection to make sure only authorized individuals can access content.

A few last words

On an ending note, SoftDigi PDF Viewer is a modern application that manages to impress right from the start through the shiny visuals and smooth animations. It lives up to expectations through a decent set of features that let you open and view PDF files in several modes, manage them, and even extract content to save as images. If you’re looking for a cool PDF viewer, don’t hesitate to try this one on for size.

SoftDigi PDF Viewer (formerly SD PDF Viewer) was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 22nd, 2015
SoftDigi PDF Viewer (formerly SD PDF Viewer) - With SoftDigi PDF Viewer you can explore the content of multi-page PDF documents from within a user-friendly interface.SoftDigi PDF Viewer (formerly SD PDF Viewer) - SoftDigi PDF Viewer comes with editing capabilities, enabling you to insert or delete pages and change their order.SoftDigi PDF Viewer (formerly SD PDF Viewer) - You can also use SoftDigi PDF Viewer to safeguard sensitive content in PDF documents by assigning them a password.SoftDigi PDF Viewer (formerly SD PDF Viewer)