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Minimal program which enables you to convert one or multiple PDF files to an XLS format, with support for Optical Character Recognition

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miniPDF Scan to Excel OCR Converter is a software tool that can be used in order to transform several PDFs to XLS(X) documents, with an OCR function incorporated.

Structured interface

The installation process runs smooth and does not bring any kind of surprises, while the interface you are greeted by presents a pretty simple and well-organize build. It is comprised of a pane in which to view uploaded items, several buttons and a few boxes. As a result, both beginners and highly experienced people can learn how to handle it without facing any kind of difficulties.

Upload items, convert them with OCR and specifying the language used

This tool enables you to upload PDF documents only with the help of a built-in file browser, as the “drag and drop” feature is not integrated. They can be viewed in the main window along with full path and total size (expressed in KB).

It is possible to convert PDFs to Microsoft Excel files, without using the OCR function, as well as with it. Moreover, you can select the language (e.g. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese etc.) the document is in, so as to be sure the results have even more accuracy.

You can only convert specified pages and encrypted documents, as long as you know the passkey and input it in the appropriately-labeled box.

Conclusion and performance

It does not affect the system’s performance in any way, as the CPU and memory usage is low at all times. You can use it alongside other programs, be they demanding or not, without encountering issues. All jobs are completed in due time, the interface is minimal and no errors or bugs have been registered in our tests.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say miniPDF Scan to Excel OCR Converter is a pretty handy piece of software when it comes to transforming PDFs to XLS(X) files.

miniPDF Scan to Excel OCR Converter was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on May 16th, 2014
miniPDF Scan to Excel OCR Converter - This is the main window of miniPDF Scan to Excel OCR Converter that allows you to access all the features of the application.