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Silently install the OEM component, generate PDF files with the help of a virtual printer driver and then process them in your application

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novaPDF OEM is a pragmatic and efficient piece of software designed from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for you to add PDF printing features to your apps.

In other words, this utility is strictly intended for application developers and can be integrated as a PDF printer directly in program installers. Even simpler, the tool basically converts to PDF any document it receives for printing.

Since it is built especially for developers, there is no surprise that the interface is as straightforward as possible. Subsequent to its installation, you are met by a compact main window that allows you to add or remove printers and to manage printing profiles.

Add printing features to your apps with the help of this user-friendly app

While the printers can be managed with just a few clicks, the profiles need a bit more attention on your behalf. If you choose to manage the profiles, you are greeted by a secondary and more complex window. The Profile Manager enables you to add new profiles, copy or delete existing ones, as well as customize them to better suit your needs.

You are also provided with extensive configuration options for emails, documents, fonts, graphics, bookmarks, security and even watermarks, overlays and signatures.

A powerful app with a straightforward philosophy

By now, it is quite clear that this tool is actually more of a post-processing solution. The printing process is easy to understand: within your app, you can send XLS, DOC, TXT and many other files for printing.

From here, novaPDF OEM takes over and creates PDFs in specific hidden folders, PDFs that are not actually accessible to its users. The rendered PDF can then be easily integrated within databases, document libraries or maybe online servers.

Extensive and useful development tool

Taking all of the above into consideration, novaPDF OEM proved itself to be an efficient and powerful software solution for application development. The application makes it possible for you to add printing functions to your applications, while enabling you to customize a wide array of parameters.

novaPDF OEM was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
novaPDF OEM - novaPDF OEM comes with a compact main window that makes it simple for you to add or remove printers, as well as manage printing profilesnovaPDF OEM - Within the Profiles tab, you can switch between multiple printers or printing profiles, or you can manage and customize by accessing the Profile ManagernovaPDF OEM - The Profile Manager features an extensive tabbed interface that allows you to customize email, document, fonts, graphics, bookmarks and security aspects of your printing profilenovaPDF OEM - screenshot #4novaPDF OEM - screenshot #5novaPDF OEM - screenshot #6novaPDF OEM - screenshot #7novaPDF OEM - screenshot #8novaPDF OEM - screenshot #9novaPDF OEM - screenshot #10novaPDF OEM - screenshot #11