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SimpleOCR is a lightweight, very comprehensive application designed to provide users with an alternative to the tedious task of retyping printed documents if they do not have access to the digital version of the written data.

This simplistic tool is provided with optical character recognition, which is basically the transfer process between handwritten or typewritten text to digital machine-encoded text.

SimpleOCR thereby features a series of options that have the explicit purpose of making the above mentioned process as easy and effective as it can be.

First of all, the application features TWAIN scanning, allowing users to scan their documents directly within the SimpleOCR interface saving valuable time with file transfer. Users can manually specify the areas they want to process and edit image zones (equally easy to extract).

Bold, italic or underlined text is instantly recognized and reapplied, so that the final resemblance with the original printed document should meet a very high level of accuracy.

It is very important to mention that SimpleOCR uses three reputed English, French and Dutch dictionary resources that contain more than 120 000 words, all featured for a better correlation with the initial text.

Thus, this minimalistic app does not only recognize symbols and correlates them with a glyph database, but understands the language patterns and gives editing solutions

Users are provided with a despeckle tool that removes noise from unclear images, also helping the better definition of the end result of the process.

All in all, this task-oriented software utility does its job with a high-level of accuracy, joining all its best features in order to show that optical character recognition paired with a palette of intuitive side-features save precious amounts of time

SimpleOCR was reviewed by Alexandra Panaete
Last updated on June 11th, 2013
SimpleOCR - The main window of the application allows you to insert scanned text or images.SimpleOCR - By pressing the text conversion button you allow the program to interpret the image files.SimpleOCR - This is how you can select a profile or scanner from the File menu of the program.SimpleOCRSimpleOCRSimpleOCRSimpleOCRSimpleOCRSimpleOCRSimpleOCRSimpleOCRSimpleOCRSimpleOCR

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