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An application that can provide you with a simple interface and the means for working with TeX documents as well as with PDF documents

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TeXworks is an authoring environment used to open, edit and export TeX documents.

Besides being able to edit TeX files, the application also provides you with PDF viewing capabilities which enhances its use a bit more.

The application displays a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that makes it a cinch to load edit and save the files on your computer. All the tools and functions you need for a productive workflow are displayed in plain view, easily accessible.

You get a large and clean text editing field that makes it that much easier to write and stylize the content. Since the editor is Unicode based, it also provides you with quick access settings for the encoding style and offers you the possibility to easily jump to a specific line of text.

TeXworks looks like a simple application but underneath the well designed graphical user interface, if features a wide array of helpful and practical tools. You can use its search function to find specific content and replace it, copy to found text and highlight the selection.

You are also capable of changing the font style, add and remove comments, toggle line numbers and wrap lines, as well as display syntax coloring. Moreover, you get to choose the type of ‘Auto-indent Mode’ and ‘Smart Quotes’.

Being a TeX based editor, it also provides you with a large number of typesets you can choose from.

The application also provides you with PDF viewing capabilities. While you can not edit the documents you can view them just as well as you would using a PDF reader. When viewing a PDF file, the interface of the application changes slightly to accommodate new buttons that provide you with zooming and magnification features.

In closing, TeXworks is by all means a simple and reliable application that you can use to edit TeX files in a simple manner.

TeXworks was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 10th, 2013
TeXworks - This is the main window of TeXworks that allows you to access all the features of the application.TeXworks - All the editing commands you'll need to operate TeXworks are available through this menu.TeXworks - To access the search functions of TeXworks are easily accessible via this menu of the application.TeXworks - screenshot #4TeXworks - screenshot #5TeXworks - screenshot #6TeXworks - screenshot #7TeXworks - screenshot #8TeXworks - screenshot #9TeXworks - screenshot #10

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