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Advanced text editor and IDE that features powerful editing options, syntax highlighting support, code completion, project explorer, and more

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TotalEdit is a free and advanced software application that provides you with a word processor and IDE. It offers support for many powerful features, such as a project explorer, code function list, code completion, multiple encoding methods, file comparison, and macros. Syntax highlighting is supported too.

Simple setup and pro-grade interface

Installing this software application is a fast and uncomplicated task. TotalEdit is wrapped in a professional-looking interface with a clear-cut structure, which enables you to quickly get started on a project. Multiple tabs are supported.

Text editing and searching options

As far as editing options go, you can delete lines, words, end of lines and blank lines, insert a single or multiple columns into your document (e.g. text, number with increment), insert the current date/time or the file name, as well as switch from editing to read-only mode.

It's possible to use a find-and-replace function, locate keywords across multiple files at once, jump to any line, enable auto-matching brackets and auto-completion, view a code function list, as well as set and manage bookmarks.

Viewing, formatting, macros, and others

TotalEdit can enter fullscreen mode. Plus, you can zoom in and out, select the code type for syntax highlighting (e.g. ASP, HTML, JavaScript), wrap words, display whitespace, fold code, or show a ruler, among others.

You can choose the format mode between Windows (ANSI), UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode (Big Endian), switch from Windows (CR+LF) to Mac (CR) or Linux (LF), customize the font, convert a text selection to uppercase or lowercase, trim trailing spaces, swap lines, or add comments.

The software application puts a comparison tool at your disposal for two files (compares file content). Moreover, you can enable a spellchecker, record and load macros for repetitive tasks, clean up HTML or XHTML code, preview the webpage in the default browser, customize the UI appearance, toolbar and menus, remap keyboard shortcuts, and so on.

Evaluation and conclusion

No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the tool didn't hang or crash. Its impact on computer performance was minimal, and it carried out user commands without any glitches. Although it's a pretty resourceful text editor, TotalEdit is more impressive as an IDE, backed by a lot of powerful options for programmers and web developers. Too bad it hasn't been recently updated.

NOTE: For additional features, such as FTP and SFTP support, database analysis and queries, as well as enhanced search capabilities you can check out TotalEdit Pro.

TotalEdit was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 11th, 2015
TotalEdit - TotalEdit will help you quickly and easily edit many languages including C , PHP,  C++, Java, HTML, ASP, JSP, CSS, Javascript, SQLTotalEdit - The File menu will provide users with basic functions as well as Reload / Rename / Email Active Document optionsTotalEdit - Users will be able to access options such as Column Editor, Sort Selection, Select / Cut / Copy / Delete Word / Line from the Edit menuTotalEdit - screenshot #4TotalEdit - screenshot #5TotalEdit - screenshot #6TotalEdit - screenshot #7TotalEdit - screenshot #8TotalEdit - screenshot #9TotalEdit - screenshot #10TotalEdit - screenshot #11TotalEdit - screenshot #12TotalEdit - screenshot #13TotalEdit - screenshot #14TotalEdit - screenshot #15

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