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A simple to use text editor for your personal computer, which packs a neat set of tools to help you write and manage texts in Malayalam

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Among the many languages and dialects spoken across India, one of those with the greater number of native speakers is Malayalam. This particular language has the largest alphabet among the Indian languages, but writing and editing texts using its specific letters can been difficult without a proper tool.

An application that comes to fulfill the need for such a software is Typeit!. Rather small in size and easy to use, this tool is well equipped for a variety of tasks related to managing documents in Malayalam.

The program supports no less than 5 different keyboard layouts, namely Malayalam Typewriter, Inscript (ISM), Panchari, Varityper Phonetic and GIST. Also, you can easily make the switch between the English and Malayalam fonts using the Caps Lock key.

The toolset Typeit! is equipped with includes hyphenation features (auto hyphenation, re-hyphenation and removal of hyphens), a character picker as well as a dictionary. Character encoding can be changed and you can convert selected text into one of the many encodings this utility comes with.

The formatting and editing functions are rather basic, but still, they offer the possibility to choose the desired text alignment and font style, for example, as well as perform tasks like copying and pasting text strings directly into the translation area.

Configuring the application's settings is a simple operation and from the 'Options' area you can customize the MBI export as well as XTG and MTF parameters. Also, you should note that many of the commands can be triggered by hotkeys, so it's worth looking closely at the menu entries from the main window of the software.

Without bundling loads of functions and thanks to a simple interface, Typeit! will surely be a great helper for anyone who needs to write and edit texts in Malayalam, or perform translations to and from English.

Typeit! was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 15th, 2015
Typeit! - This is the main window of Typeit! where you can easily start translating your textsTypeit! - You can access this menu when you want to adjust the Auto-Save interval for Typeit!Typeit! - The Edit menu is the place where you can find and replace strings from your translationTypeit! - screenshot #4Typeit! - screenshot #5Typeit! - screenshot #6Typeit! - screenshot #7Typeit! - screenshot #8

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