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eCleaner is a mini-editor that you can use to 'clean up' your e-mail messages

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eCleaner is a lightweight piece of software developed to clean email messages and remove unwanted symbols.

The idea the program is based on is pretty simple: just copy the text from your email in this app and eCleaner can take care of it, removing line breaks, spaces at the beginning of each line and HTML codes.

Looking just like any other typical text editor on the market, eCleaner adopts a pretty clean and well-organized layout, just to make sure you don’t spend too much time cleaning your text.

The essential options are all grouped in the “Clean” drop down menu in the toolbar, so that you can quickly remove HTML, symbols and headers.

The application also allows users to configure the cleaning process, offering a dedicated option to define the symbols to clean. What’s more, you can perform a word wrap, leave blank lines, use a double space after periods, assume that the first line is also the title and clean symbols from the end of the line.

eCleaner needs just a second to clean the text and the application runs on very low resources all the time, without an impact on system performance. Of course, it gets along very well with all Windows versions and administrator privileges aren’t required.

As a conclusion, eCleaner is a helpful app, although more cleaning options could come in handy especially to advanced users. It’s easy to use, it adopts a very intuitive interface and does its job in a matter of seconds.

eCleaner was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 27th, 2012
eCleaner - The main window of the application is used to edit and format text. The buttons allow you to remove HTML or indent tags and headers.eCleaner - The Clean menu offers you the opportunity to clean the text in one click or by removing specific items.eCleaner - The Options window allows the user to specify certain symbols that need to be cleaned and other preferrences.eCleaner - The content of the message can be enriched by inserting other files (text, documents, presentations or images).

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