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Backyard Wrestling Bible - Learn to wrestle safely!




The Backyard Wrestling Bible™ is a learning resource for persons of stage, Indy, and backyard wrestling.

Readers will learn how to begin and maintain their own stage wrestling promotion, stage a wrestling match, as well as instructions and recipes ranging from breakaways to fake weapons, props, scenery, and other special effects.

Backyard Wrestling Bible is a compilation of original content and research by Kelcey Coe™, owner of The Backyard Wrestling Resource™, over the past 10 years and provides ONLY the best recipes, and ideas not yet attempted, ever concerning backyard wrestling secrets.

Everyone else will benefit from these instructions also because they can learn many stunts and props for their films or performances! No matter your interests, The Backyard Wrestling Bible™ is guaranteed to bring out the hardcore in you™!

Here are some key features of "Backyard Wrestling Bible":

■ The Backyard Wrestling Bible™ has numerous features that take advantage of the varying learning styles that students apply to learning. Based on the recognition that students who apply their newly acquired knowledge often retain it much better than those who do not, this text takes a strong "hands-on" approach to backyard wrestling by emphasizing practical applications of important concepts.
■ The theoretical bases of the material are provided and then the student is asked to apply this material in the following ways:
■ This book is organized through the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents lists the chapters, sections, and then the recipe or article, all pages for each find. Each chapter opens with a brief summary as well as the contents of that chapter, roughly.
■ A Chapter heading appears in large gray font with a line below it. Sometimes, smaller gray text appears after. These are sections, which organizes similar content within the chapter. Within each section you will find black headings, which are either recipes or articles, collectively known as an "item" or content.
■ Each chapter opens with an overview of the objectives it teaches, and what you should specifically get out of the chapter.
■ Recipes have smaller headings, generally needed, detailing what ingredients are needed to complete the recipe; Steps, detailing the step-by-step guide to completing that recipe; and notes, detailing important information "information" regarding that recipe. Article layout is specific for the content, although some articles also share the recipe format. For example, while some costumes have Hair , Attire, and Makeup headings, other may use the recipe headings.
■ The end of this book lists a list of suppliers where you can get the ingredients and materials to complete everything here; glossaries to further your understanding; additional helpful information including a color chart and more, all found in the Appendix; and a bibliography listing all the sources used to create this wonderful marvel of art.
■ Page numbers are listed at the bottom of each page for easy finding of that information you enjoy so much.
■ A Backyard Reader is included to provide intellectual insight and knowledge.
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