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Read your e-books within a comfortable environment that supports multiple formats by using this reliable and user-friendly software solution

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E-books are gaining more popularity every year, since there are many portable devices that enable users to enjoy their electronic books while on the go.

However, if you do not want to purchase a dedicated e-book reader, you can also look for specialized applications that can be installed onto your desktop or laptop computers, such as IceCream Ebook Reader.

Easily create a list with your preferred EPUB e-books

The software utility comes with a neatly-organized graphic interface, thus encouraging even to enjoy their electronic books without too much hassle.

You only need to manually browse to the location of your e-books and add them to the list - EPUB is currently supported, and more formats are planned for the future, such as DjVu, MOBI, PDF and FB2.

Read e-books in full screen or activate the night mode

Once you selected the e-book you want to read, you can enter full screen with a single mouse click - this way, you can focus on the plot and characters, without getting any distraction.

Additionally, you can also benefit from the night mode, the day or the sepia ones, depending on the time of day you like to read best. Each of these modes adjust the colors to ensure as little discomfort for your eyes (you can try them all, then select the one you prefer).

Alter the font size of your e-book with a single mouse click

Another handy function of IceCream Ebook Reader is that it supports bookmark creation as well as search, meaning that you can not only mark the most interesting paragraphs, but you can also lookup certain terms.

Furthermore, you get the possibility to modify the size of the text font to your liking - you can enlarge the font until you are pleased with its look, or you can decrease its size with ease.

All in all, IceCream Ebook Reader is a nifty software solution that you can rely on whenever you want to browse your e-books. Its functionality is bound to be improved in the future, once support for other formats is implemented.

IceCream Ebook Reader was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on October 7th, 2015
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