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An intuitive application that enables you to organize the collection of movies and create detailed information sheets for each of them

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AtonDVD is a reliable and simple to use application that enables you to organize your collection of movie DVDs, CDs or Blu-rays. You may create a comprehensive information sheet for each entry in the collection, as well as add cover art and play the afferent trailer.

The movie collection and the shelf view

AtonDVD allows you to enter multiple movie titles in the database and to view each them on an individual page. A movie profile consists of production information, such as title, release year, director name and actors. Additionally, the software can display the DVD or Blu-ray cover art, if it is available.

When owning a large collection of movies browsing through the database entries can be tiresome, which is why AtonDVD features a useful function: the shelf view. It is a separate window that displays a shelf-like background image, where you can view all the items in your collection as thin rectangles. Hovering the cursor on top of each one reveals the movie title. It is just as visually browsing through the DVD cases on a shelf.

Powerful searching engine

Aside from the user-friendly shelf display feature, you may also search for a movie, using the integrated searching engine. There are several criteria that you can use in order to match the key words, including movie title, rating, play time, direction, year or price. You may select only one matching criteria from the list.

Additionally, you may view a statistic top of the highest rated, longest play time or the most expensive. Moreover, you may export a movie’s profile page to PDF or HTML format, and include the desired details. For instance you may add all the data, all data except actors or use only title, thus creating printable DVD covers.

Useful movie organizer

Choosing the right movie can be a difficult task especially if you are not up to date with all the titles you own. AtonDVD can help you organize your movie collection in an easy to use database system. Thus, you simply need to add a movie’s title and general information, as well as customize the database entry with a cover art and trailer. You may thus create movie profile pages that you can sort, search for or browse through in the shelf view.

AtonDVD was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
AtonDVD - AtonDVD is a simple to use movie title organizer that enables you to arrange your collection of owned movies.AtonDVD - You may easily add a new movie to your collection, thanks to the dedicated window, and add multiple details about the film.AtonDVD - The software enables you to organize, sort and easily search for movies by their rating, play time or DVD price.AtonDVDAtonDVDAtonDVDAtonDVDAtonDVDAtonDVD

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