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A software application created to help you manage different collections, with a lending feature to better keep track of everything

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GCstar is a software application used to manage different collections, such as board games, books, movies, music, and many more.

You can add file formats like TAR.GZ, CSV or XML, among others. If you need to export data, you can select between a few popular format types like CSV, HTML, SQL or XML, just to mention some.

Simple steps

To start using the app, just click the "New" command and choose the type of collection. It can be grouped by series, title, volume, collection, publisher, writer, ISBN or rating. The program organizes the data in two parts: the left side holds an overview on the added items, while the right displays all the details for that selected object.

Generate graphs

Statistics can be generated using different graph views (e.g. 3D pie, bars, areas) with custom widths, heights, fonts and designated fields for the operation. Moreover, you can display borrowed items along with the lending history attached. You can edit the collections by selecting all the entries, removing them entirely or identifying just the duplicate ones to remove.

Save the searches you make

If you want to change the entries for a collection, use the search and replace command to modify the current values into custom ones. Another handy feature is the "play file" option placed in the top options bar, which loads the media attached to that collection. Moreover, the program can conduct searches which can be saved later or managed easily from the filter area. The collection can be locked with a password to make sure you are the only one who can view and edit the files.

In conclusion

All in all, GCstar is a handy utility for users who like to have their collections organized, regardless of their content type, and also keep track of the current or new owner. The app works well and can be easily operated by inexperienced users, thanks to the lightweight interface.

GCstar was reviewed by Ionut Constantinescu
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
GCstar - This is the main window of GCstar that allows you to access all the features of the application and organize your files.GCstar - All the editing commands you'll need when operating GCstar are available via this menu.GCstar - To choose the filtering options in GCstar you'll need to go to this menu of the application.GCstar - screenshot #4GCstar - screenshot #5GCstar - screenshot #6GCstar - screenshot #7GCstar - screenshot #8GCstar - screenshot #9

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