Adaptrade Builder

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An application designed to generate trading strategies for stocks and forex to use on trade platforms like TradeStation and AmiBroker





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Adaptrade Builder uses complex genetic algorithms to develop profitable strategies for you to use on the stock market.

In effect, Builder automates the traditional, manual approach to strategy development in which the trader selects elements of the trading strategy based on prior experience combined with knowledge of technical indicators, entry and exit order types, and strategy design.

Commonly, a strategy is based on a market “hypothesis”; that is, an idea of how the market works. A viable trading strategy is typically developed through a long trial-and-error process involving numerous iterations, revisions, and testing until acceptable results are achieved.
Last updated on October 17th, 2014
Adaptrade Builder - The main window displays information about the available market data, equity curve and performance.Adaptrade Builder - The Evaluation Options tab allows you to change the starting equity value and the code output.Adaptrade Builder - You can add and remove indicators from the build set in the Indicators tab, such as MACD and TRIX.Adaptrade BuilderAdaptrade BuilderAdaptrade BuilderAdaptrade BuilderAdaptrade BuilderAdaptrade Builder

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