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An efficient and easy to use application developed to provide bakeries with the proper tools for managing their day to day activities

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Baker Management System is a comprehensive yet easy to use piece of software designed to offer bakery owners the ability to completely control every aspect of their business, taking care of all production and selling activities, along with everything they entail.

The program is fairly simple to work with, featuring a basic interface and allowing users to access its functions by means of various menus, namely 'File', 'Product', 'Invoice', 'Cheque', 'PayRole – Attendance' and 'Reports', each comprising numerous options.

The 'File' menu deals with administrative issues pertaining to the software itself, enabling users to manage accounts, access rights, passwords, create new business branches. Additionally, users can backup their database, so they do not run the risk of permanently losing their important information in case of a system failure.

From the 'Product' menu, users can generate a 'Product Invoice Listing' and view the recent purchases that have been made. Additionally, they can manage selling amounts for each branch and transfer superfluous products between them.

The 'Invoice' menu enables users to create a new form or search through the existing ones for a specific file. The 'Cheque' section allows users to manage the 'PayaAble' and the 'ReceivAble' payments. Moreover, from the 'PayRole – Attendance' menu, users can check their employees' attendance records and manage their monthly salary.

The 'Reports' section of Baker Management System lets users create a wide range of database queries, based on multiple criteria, such as 'Invoice Report', 'Daily Cash Report', 'Client Report', 'Daily Sold Products', 'Worker Salary Report' and many more.

To conclude, Baker Management System is a useful and efficient application that can assist business owners in successfully performing their everyday tasks, with the least amount of effort, taking care of all aspects involved in running a bakery.

Baker Management System was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 8th, 2014
Baker Management System - From the File menu of Baker Management System allows you to create new user accounts and set a passwordBaker Management System - The Product menu enables you to list corresponding invoices, transfer items or manage selling amountsBaker Management System - The Invoice menu allows you to create a new form or search through the existing documentsBaker Management System - screenshot #4Baker Management System - screenshot #5Baker Management System - screenshot #6

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