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Complex software application that enables you to remotely control workstations, as well as manage a cash registry, customers and employees

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CafeSuite is a useful program that can help you manage your Internet Café business easier, by enabling you to keep track of the cash registry, customers and employees, as well as remotely control all the connected computers.

The interface is intuitive and therefore, any type of person can use it, no matter their previous experience with computers. The UI is built on a tabbed-like display that enables you to go through all the various options available in the application, such as managing workstations, accounts or products, and printing documents.

There is no limit to the number of users/employees you can add, and you can create “Superusers” which are accounts that have more privileges, such as changing prices of services, making reservations and adding employee information.

CafeSuite even enables you to connect to a POS printer, as well as turn on and off all the computers. The “Reservations” tab helps you book a workstation for a specified customer. Here, all the connected PCs are displayed, along with the hours between which your Café is opened and a color-coded system that helps you figure out which reservations are obsolete, which PC is in use, and so on.

You can also add an unlimited number of products and services, with important information such as barcodes, prices, tax (expressed in percentage), product group and expiry date.

This software tool can help you generate several types of reports (detailed, operators, customers, sales, time periods, balance etc.), so that you can always have quick access to everything that is going on with your Internet Café.

In order to increase ease of use, the developers have included a long list of keyboard shortcuts. A small drawback here is the fact that they cannot be customized.

The response time is quick, and there are numerous options available, including remotely controlling all computers connected, managing products and services, along with employees and customers, all of which make CafeSuite an efficient and useful piece of software.

CafeSuite was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on May 15th, 2015
CafeSuite - This is the main window of CafeSuite, where you can view the connected computers.CafeSuite - You will be able to generate reports using the designated menu of the application.CafeSuite - Using this menu of the application, you can change the operator and open the cash drawer.CafeSuite

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