ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1

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An easy to use Store application for Windows 8.1 that enables you to manage an extensive database of clients, doctors and drug prescriptions, for your pharmacy business

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ERP PHARMA is a lightweight Store application designed especially for Windows 8.1, that enables you to manage both the administrative and the scientific sides of your pharmaceutical business. You can keep records of your inventories, as well as list products and assign bar codes.

Extensive profiles

The application supports serving drug prescriptions and placing orders, so in order to ease your work, you can create a comprehensive database of clients, doctors and providers. Each client’s data can be stored as a profile, that displays name, location and contact details. Similarly, you can generate doctors’ profiles and providers’ lists.

Your drugs database contains information regarding stock levels, barcodes and selling prices, which is designed to help you when placing orders.

Administrative details

You can actively monitor a list of all orders made by clients, and sort them by name or date of their placement. The software displays the current and pending orders, along with their value. You can also view the completed transactions in the Sales tab. The application enables you to record quick sales as well, by skipping the information about the client, doctor or provider, a function destined for managing those drugs that do not require a prescription.

Additionally, you may store data about necessary expenses or modify your business’s details, including company name, logo, location and applied taxes.

Time management

Aside from helping you manage your business, ERP PHARMA also features useful tools, such as an events calendar and a statistics tab. You may plan stock replenishing, provider’s payments, recurring clients or expenses, as well as conferences or other events.

In the statistical data table, the software displays a yearly or monthly overview of the biggest expense or the sales evolution.


ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1 is a useful application that offers you tools for a successful business management. It is especially created for handling a pharmaceutical enterprise and it is all the more facile since you can access it through the means of Windows Store.

ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1 was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 27th, 2014
ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1 - ERP PHARMA is a useful pharmacy database manager, that enables you to add, edit or remove clients, doctors or drugs profiles.ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1 - You can easily manage doctors lists, providers, drugs' names and bar codes, as well as issue invoices.ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1 - Each customer profile includes name, location and contact details, that you need when placing an order or issuing an invoice.ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1ERP PHARMA for Windows 8.1

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