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An intuitive yet lightweight application that enable you to easily create invoices for products or services provided by your company

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EZ Invoice Creator is a user-friendly application that enables you to create, preview and print payment forms, as well as keep record of the cancelled or delayed payments. Its comprehensive interface makes it easy for you to set up a database of clients and products register orders and invoices for them.

Detailed databases

A detailed database enables you to record customers’ contact details, such billing addresses, account numbers phone numbers and emails, which eases the distribution process and creating the invoices. You can keep track of all the orders placed by a customer as well as the status of their payments.

The products can be introduced in a separate database, along with their price, codes, stock numbers and detailed description. The program facilitates your product administration, since you can update client or product information at any time. The afferent searching engine allows you to instantly find any entry in the database.

Monthly reports and invoices

EZ Invoice Creator is a simple tool that facilitates your business administration. You can view periodical tables, reports of the sales and revenues status in the selected time period, as well as previews of the invoices before printing them.

You can modify the aspect of the invoice by simply editing the sheet template in the Edit reports menu. Additionally, you can add quotes for any customer and view them in the dedicated menu. You can use the search function to find clients, products, invoices or quotes.

The software takes into consideration discounts, taxes and VAT values when calculating overall prices for large batches of products.


Business administration requires adequate software tools, in order to keep an accurate record of the finances, stocks and clients list. This difficult job can be handled by EZ Invoice Creator, a simple, yet comprehensive application, that enables every user to easily create invoices, view monthly reports and manage a database.

EZ Invoice Creator was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
EZ Invoice Creator - EZ Invoice Creator allows you to easily create a database of clients and products, then print invoices for every order.EZ Invoice Creator - You can view the complete list of customers and modify it by adding or removing clients as well as edit their contact details.EZ Invoice Creator - The program can store email addresses for each customer, in order to easily send messages to multiple recipients.EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #4EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #5EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #6EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #7EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #8EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #9EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #10EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #11EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #12EZ Invoice Creator - screenshot #13

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