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An intuitive order and invoice processing database application that provides you with the means of easily creating or sending invoices

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Easy Invoicing is a reliable application that enables you to easily create and send invoices, as well as monitor the due payments, the late payments or the fully paid orders. You may easily generate an invoice thanks to the software’s database structure.

Managing customers and product inventory

Easy Invoicing works with Microsoft Access 2007 or earlier, which allows it to run as a database manager. Thus you may create clients lists and product inventories in a matter of seconds, then edit entries at any time. Product names, prices per unit and tax deduction are the main fields you need to fill in when adding an item to the database.

The clients database needs setting up, since it one of the requisites for generating invoices. You need to specify a customer’s name, address and billing details. Additionally, for each invoice, you can mention the payment method.

Invoice generator and sender

Each invoice may be sent over to the client by email, or in physical format, via the fax machine or by mail. The paper must contain the customer’s details, the full order and the payment method. Additionally, the invoice may be issued to a different address than the one listed in the database, namely the delivery address.

You may view the payment details in the dedicated tab, thus monitoring all the transactions with a specific customer. Once an invoice is created, it is automatically saved in the database and to the customer’s profile. Thus you may easily view all the invoices in the Process menu. The documents can be sorted by status of payment, whether they were paid in full, partially or not at all.


Easy Invoicing is an intuitive tool, that enables you to manage your sales business and organize the product stocks or clients lists. Additionally, you may easily generate invoices, for each order and use the database entries in order to auto-fill the information fields. The invoices are automatically saved, thus you can view them instantly in the dedicated reports menu.

Easy Invoicing was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Easy Invoicing - Easy Invoicing is a simple to use application that enables you to manage your clients list, product inventory and invoice service.Easy Invoicing - With each invoice, you can select the customer, list the products they have ordered, then send via email or fax.Easy Invoicing - You may easily edit the database of products, by updating their names, prices per unit, and applied taxes.Easy Invoicing - screenshot #4Easy Invoicing - screenshot #5Easy Invoicing - screenshot #6Easy Invoicing - screenshot #7Easy Invoicing - screenshot #8Easy Invoicing - screenshot #9Easy Invoicing - screenshot #10Easy Invoicing - screenshot #11Easy Invoicing - screenshot #12Easy Invoicing - screenshot #13Easy Invoicing - screenshot #14

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