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A lightweight and very simple to understand application designed to help you create, save and print business invoices for the orders that you receive

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Free Invoice Maker is a user-friendly and effective piece of software whose main function resides in helping you issue sale invoices for all the customers that purchase products from you, enabling you to save time, effort and money.

Intuitive and functional user interface

The application features a fairly basic yet practical appearance, its straightforward looks assisting you in understanding how it works from the first run.

The main window allows you to build a new invoice or load an existing one, for additional editing, while the export option enable you to save it to DOC or PDF format, as well as print it.

Effortlessly create and print sales invoices for all your orders

In terms of initial setup, the program lets you input the company name, address and currency sign, then choose the default form you want to work with (simple, default or shipping label). You can also load your company’s logo image from a locally stored picture, displaying it in the header of every invoice you design.

You can populate your database with ‘Customers’ and their details, as well as keep a neatly-organized inventory of all the products you sell, along with their price, quantity, registration number, barcode and location in your store.

Moreover, you can decide your own payment terms and methods or supported shipment types. You can assign one or more sales representatives, and establish your orders' various statuses (processing, pending, delivered, etc).

When you create a new document, you can simply select the client and enter the details of the order, such as number and date, quantity, tax rate, discount percentage, shipment tracking code and cost, along with any relevant notes. Afterward, you can start adding the products from your inventory, the total price being calculated automatically. Once complete, you can choose an output format or print it on the spot.

A handy tool for invoice generating purposes

To summarize, Free Invoice Maker is a useful and reliable utility aimed to assist you in emitting sales invoices, for all the orders you receive and dispatch, proving quite convenient for people who do not wish to invest too much in professional software that you have no use for.

Free Invoice Maker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
Free Invoice Maker - The main window of Free Invoice Maker allows you to configure the specifics of your documentFree Invoice Maker - The Customers window enables you to add, edit or remove existing clients for your databaseFree Invoice Maker - In the Inventory section, you can keep a track of all the products that you sell, along with their price and locationFree Invoice Maker - screenshot #4Free Invoice Maker - screenshot #5Free Invoice Maker - screenshot #6Free Invoice Maker - screenshot #7Free Invoice Maker - screenshot #8Free Invoice Maker - screenshot #9Free Invoice Maker - screenshot #10

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