ID Card Manager

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A simple and efficient program whose main purpose is to help you create ID cards for all your employees, in just a few swift moves

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ID Card Manager is an intuitive and very easy to understand software solution developed to offer you a streamlined method of creating ID cards for a variety of purposes, including your employees, students or visitors.

Simple yet functional appearance

The application features a fairly basic and unimpressive user interface, yet its functionality is sufficiently straightforward to make it suitable for anyone, regardless of your level of experience.

The main window displays the available card templates, enabling you to create new ones as well as design the IDs individually or in bulk.

Quickly create your ID card templates and customize them for printing

To build a new template for your ID cards, you will need to input a name for it, then choose the working area (the surface in pixels), making sure the ratio is just right, so as to avoid discrepancies with the locally stored picture that you choose to use as background.

The next step consists of selecting the position of a piece of text or of a new image onto the surface of the selected background. You can define the properties of this entry, for instance its font, color, size, alignment and others.

ID Card Manager also allows you to import existing templates in XML format, or join individually created cards to a single file, for printing. When done, they can be customized one by one, or in batch, the latter requiring you to load the CSV file to be used in mapping the operation.

A handy ID card maker

To conclude, ID Card Manager is a useful and reliable program that can successfully assist you in designing and printing identification cards for a wide array of uses, enabling you to finish the job in no time by resorting to previously created templates.

ID Card Manager was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
ID Card Manager - The main window of ID Card Manager displays the templates you have createdID Card Manager - The dedicated window enables you to input the template name, work area and the picture you want to use as backgroundID Card Manager - You can select the position on your picture where you wish to insert a piece of text or an additional imageID Card Manager - screenshot #4ID Card Manager - screenshot #5ID Card Manager - screenshot #6

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