DEA Analysis Professional (formerly KonSi Data Envelopment Analysis DEA)5.1

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A software utility you can use to perform performance measurements and benchmarks, which can be applied in a variety of fields and domains

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In order to assess whether a certain company or business is efficient, a wide variety of tests and measurements need to be performed, the totality of which result in a performance rating that can be used to estimate value, efficiency and productivity. Using this data, the company in question can work on their less productive branches and increase their overall performance.

Perform estimations and performance benchmarks

DEA Analysis Professional is a software utility comprised of a variety of tools and utilities designed to assess performance and efficiency, as well as conduct a wide range of marketing analysis methods and financial plannings. In essence, the application allows you to handle multiple companies or units at the same time, thanks to the Malmquist Index method it employs to calculate efficiency dynamics.

As far as the actual user interface is concerned, although you may find it rather intimidating at first, every field is carefully explained by the utility and you can always consult the decently-sized manual that comes bundled with the application. Furthermore, since almost every text box and value can be manually filled in, you can quickly get the hang of it and understand how to use its functions.

Generate extensive efficiency scores reports

In order to properly asses the final data obtained with the help of the application, the results can be quickly exported to your computer, using Microsoft Excel documents to do so. Thus, the spreadsheet format is highly intuitive and easy-to-read by anyone, with all the values neatly arranged into their respective columns and rows.

When it comes to the type of information you receive at the end of the estimation, the Excel files are basically reports detailing certain scores and values. Hence, you can view anything from the overall efficiency factor, to the number of transactions and unit names, depending on the type of report you create.

A professional efficiency benchmarker

Although it may not be too friendly with beginners or business newcomers, DEA Analysis Professional encompasses a set of powerful features, which enable you to conduct a wide variety of tests and benchmarks to evaluate the performance and efficiency of a company.

DEA Analysis Professional (formerly KonSi Data Envelopment Analysis DEA) was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 4th, 2014
DEA Analysis Professional (formerly KonSi Data Envelopment Analysis DEA) - You can view a list of units, as well as create new ones from scratch, by accessing the Units menu.DEA Analysis Professional (formerly KonSi Data Envelopment Analysis DEA) - The List of parameters window enables you to view and edit a variety of values, as well as change their behavior.DEA Analysis Professional (formerly KonSi Data Envelopment Analysis DEA) - The DEA Analysis window displays a complete performance analysis on the selected units.