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An application that enables you to plan your company purchases, sales and general accounting activity, using detailed reports and comprehensive ledgers

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If you are an accountant, or you simply manage the accounts for your own company, then you are most likely working with spreadsheets to keep your data organized.

But, to create an entire management system from scratch to keep track of your sales, purchases or various reports can be too time consuming to be worth the trouble.

View journal reports and print vouchers

MMT Account-Business is an Excel utility that offers you all of the previously mentioned functions, as well as many others. It contains a wide selection of premade sheets and reports you can customize to include your personal company's information. To add or search for specific data, you can visit the Data Entry sheet and view account names, along with their journal code, number and reference.

The application also enables you to generate balance sheets, income statements and vouchers, which can easily be personalized with your company's data. These statements and vouchers can then be printed with all the required information in their header section, including company name, date and time.

Create various types of reports and manage the inventory

To have a better overview on your business' situation, MMT Account-Business allows you to generate a wide assortment of reports detailing various activities that take place in your firm. These can regard the credit status, payment records or open orders and they can also be easily printed to include information about the company.

In addition, the utility comes with the ability to keep track of your inventory and manufacturing, so you can properly record every part of the production process. The same is true for all of your sales, purchases and AP accounting, which can be sorted and saved on your computer for future reference.

In conclusion

A massive amount of work went into MMT Account-Business so you do not have to do it yourself. Thanks to the wide array of reports, ledgers and balance sheets, you can always be on top of your company's financial situation. Furthermore, if you are experienced with Excel, then you will find it very easy to make use of the provided functions.

MMT Account-Business was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 27th, 2015
MMT Account-Business - After you setup your company's details, you can access the available functions from the main window of the application.MMT Account-Business - The Data Entry sheet enables you to look up accounts and view their number, name and description.MMT Account-Business - The Sub-Ledger Accounting window allows you to setup customers, accounts and products.MMT Account-Business - screenshot #4MMT Account-Business - screenshot #5MMT Account-Business - screenshot #6MMT Account-Business - screenshot #7MMT Account-Business - screenshot #8

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