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A reliable and useful software tool that helps you keep track of all your finances, namely your income, expenses and transactions

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MoneyBrio is an easy to use application, that enables you to keep a record of the expenses, income and account balance, offering you an overview on your transactions as well as the state of your financial situation.

Account manager

When you have multiple accounts, at different banks or financial institutions, it is important that you keep an accurate record of the current balance and update them regularly. MoneyBrio enables you to manage multiple bank products, whether they are deposits, salaries or current expenses accounts.

You can create a database of accounts, assign them names and specify the types. For instance, you can set up a college fund, and name it accordingly, in order to tell it apart from the salary account.

For better management, you can sort each transaction into preset categories, such as fuel, healthcare, entertainment, house maintenance or insurance. This way, you can always account for large amount of money.

Business associates

You can create a list of third parties that are the most common recipients of payments, or on the contrary, the usual providers of funds. Your bank and your employer are the regular sources of income, while the insurance company or the university can be included in the recipients list.

Account balance

MoneyBrio marks which domains register most transactions, as well as a total sum of money that you have invested in or received from a particular category. You can view the current balance of all your accounts, as well as a pie chart representing the general trend of income and expenditure. Additionally, you can use the application’s multiple functions, in order to mark deposits, withdrawals, money transfers or bank statements.


MoneyBrio is a simple to use application that enables you to keep a clear and accurate record of the transactions you perform, the sums of money you receive or pay, as well as third parties involved in your finances. Not only can you track amounts of money, but you can also record spending trends, set up investment strategies or manage savings accounts.

MoneyBrio was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on February 28th, 2015
MoneyBrio - The main window allows you to organize your budget using the Compass, Journal and Reports sectionsMoneyBrio - From the Journal section, you can manage your financial situation such as income, expenses and transfersMoneyBrio - By accessing the Reports section, you can control and analyze your finances, as well as print reportsMoneyBrio - At any time you can add new accounts and select the associated payment method by credit card or checkbook

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