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An intuitive and simple to use application that calculates principal and interest amounts and timeframes for payments and savings

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MoneySmart$ is a lightweight and easy to use application, designed to help you with financial calculi. It is capable of calculating the monthly rate of money to be paid for a loan or put aside for future savings.

Calculate your loan amortization

It is not always simple to calculate the monthly rate of money return, when you have contracted a loan, but MoneySmart$ makes it easy for you to estimate the total payment, the total amount of interest or the monthly rate. All you have to do is insert the borrowed sum, the interest rate and the term set for payback. The application can instantly determine the parameters you need.

Payment deadline

If you know the amount of money you have to pay back for a loan and the monthly rate, MoneySmart$ can easily let you know how much time you have to refund the provider. It calculates the exact number of months and years until the deadline.

Savings goal setter

MoneySmart$ is also a useful tool in estimating how to obtain a certain sum, by the means of saving money. You simply have to decide what sum of money you need and the time you have to gather it. Considering the interest rate, the application can calculate the monthly amount of money you need to set aside to reach your goal in time.

Moreover, in case you have a deposit that you wish to harness, the program can quickly determine the future balance of your account, if the interest rate applies. You can easily use result of the calculus in another program, with the Copy to clipboard option, or print it.


MoneySmart$ is a reliable financial tool that offers you the means to quickly and easily determine monthly amounts of money you need to pay back or set aside. It can be a useful instrument for those who wish to start a college fund, a new car plan or make a deposit.

MoneySmart$ was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 16th, 2014
MoneySmart$ - MoneySmart$ is a simple application designed to calculate savings rate, loan return timeframe or interest amount.MoneySmart$ - You can use the software to estimate the monthly amount of money you need to pay in order to amortize your loans.MoneySmart$ - MoneySmart$ can help you determine how much money you need to save each month to reach a certain sum.MoneySmart$

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