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A professional and reliable application which aims to function as an integrated environment for modelling of complex dynamical systems

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Rand Model Designer is a comprehensive and efficient software solution which aims to offer users the means of creating and running in an integrated environment various models for dynamical systems.

Straight-forward appearance

Following a simple installation process with no particular events to speak of, users can launch the application and begin working it with.

It features a basic and straight-forward interface, making use of several panels, namely the 'Project Manager', the 'Class Identifier' and 'Behavior Chart' that enables users to view their project in detail, as well as adjust various properties, in order to generate different effects.

Create a project, add equations and input parameters, then run the model

When creating a new project, users will need to input its name and save location, then choose the preferred 'Model Type' between 'Continuous Elementary Object', 'Block Diagram' and 'General', depending on their individual needs.

From the 'Project Manager' section, users can 'Add Icons', 'Save Model as Class' or 'Add Superclass'. Moreover, they can create 'New Parameters' or 'Transform' an item to a 'Hybrid Object', 'Compound Object' or 'Isolated System'. It also allows them to insert 'New Variables', 'New Constants', 'New Functions' or 'New Procedures'.

Using the 'Equation Editor', users can input the mathematical calculations that need to be performed in order to create the current model, while the 'Formula Calculator' enables them to input the 'Class', 'Expression' and obtain the corresponding 'Result'.

After inserting all the required parameters, preferences and other necessary elements, users can 'Run Visual Model', which will present them with a 'Statistical Experiment Model' window, in which they can get a detailed view of the equivalent 'Phase Diagram', 'Bar Chart', '3D Animation' and other items.

Complex model simulator

To conclude, Rand Model Designer is an advanced and professional program that provides users with the proper instruments to design and simulate the running of dynamical systems models, in a controllable environment.

Rand Model Designer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 23rd, 2015
Rand Model Designer - The main window of Rand Model Designer allows you to open, explore and edit your projectRand Model Designer - From the Project menu, you can save the current file, open a new one or rename itRand Model Designer - The Tools menu enables you to access and configure the calculator or adjust the environment optionsRand Model DesignerRand Model DesignerRand Model DesignerRand Model DesignerRand Model DesignerRand Model Designer

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