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A comprehensive application that enables you to automate the processes of control, management and accounting for your beauty salon business

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Special Software USU.kz is a reliable application that enables you to manage your beauty salon business, as an administrator. The software is created in particular for beauty salons, esthetic centers, SPAs, hair studios, tattoo salons or cosmetics trade companies.

A detailed database

The software enables you to connect to a database, monitor the activity of your business, as well as receive monthly reports on customers, employees, orders, services or invoices. You can easily register a client and save information about their preferences, attendances and contact.

You may manage your employees profiles, by creating an individual time line and monitoring their monthly salary, sick leaves or vacations. Moreover, you can view records of a specific department’s activity, on a custom period of time.

Administration assistant

The software can be a useful electronic assistant when it comes to generating invoices or bills, monitoring product stocks and regular providers. The salary system is automated, so each employee can receive their pay according to the number of work days, as well as receive bonuses or advance payments.

You can view reports of statistical data, regarding profits, expenses, profitability and performance of each department. You can keep a close record of invoices and payments, both cash or by POS. The software can automatically calculate discounts, bonuses or vouchers and subtract the correct sum from the total expense.

Manage your own resources

The software can also help you control the stocks of products, as well as the services offered by your salon and afferent prices. When it comes to beauty salons, the services are highly dependent to the qualification of the staff, which is why the application enables you to closely monitor each employee’s performance.


Special Software USU.kz is a database managing application, designed to help you administrate a beauty salon business. Special Software USU.kz is an electronic assistant that enables you to keep records of employees, customers flow, services, income and expenses. Additionally, it can generate periodical reports, display statistical data and offer financial audit tools.

Special Software USU.kz was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
Special Software USU.kz - Special Software USU.kz is designed in particular for managing beauty salons, keeping records and generating reports.Special Software USU.kz - The software enables you to connect to an extensive database in order to manage clients, employees, invoices and services.Special Software USU.kz - you can view reports for specific periods of time or certain departments, in order to monitor your employees performance.Special Software USU.kzSpecial Software USU.kzSpecial Software USU.kzSpecial Software USU.kzSpecial Software USU.kz

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