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A simple and easy to understand application designed to offer you the ability of promoting your eBay products using the power of Twitter

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Tweet Eye Seller is an efficient and straight-forward piece of software whose main purpose is to help you market the products you sell on eBay, through your Twitter account, in the attempt to increase the number of visitors and possible buyers.

The program is fairly simple to understand and handle, requiring however that you have an eBay account with products listed for sale, as well as a Twitter account, in which you will need to authorize Tweet Eye Seller, so it can post messages on your behalf.

After connecting to your accounts, you can select the product that you wish to promote from the list or your can use the 'Search' function to quickly locate it, particularly if you have numerous items for sale. You can also select the eBay platform, between US, UK, FR, ES, IT, DE and several others.

Subsequently, you can use the 'RSS Schedule' function to assign various hashtagged words to user-defined photos of your products, and decide on the message posting interval, allowing the Tweets to be sent automatically, without you having to remember to send them manually every time.

When certain items become unavailable, you can easily delete their entries from the 'RSS Schedule', preventing it from posting about a product that is no longer for sale.

Moreover, you have the option of sending an 'Instant Tweet', which is useful especially if you have just listed a new product and wish to let your potential buyers know about it sooner than you have scheduled Tweet Eye Seller to post messages.

To summarize, Tweet Eye Seller is a handy and intuitive application that enables you to use the power of online marketing possibilities embodied by Twitter and promote your products online, so they can reach a wider audience and increase your selling chances.

Tweet Eye Seller was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 14th, 2014
Tweet Eye Seller - Tweet Eye Seller is a simple tool that enables you to promote your eBay products through TwitterTweet Eye Seller - You can add various Twitter Users to your records and view their page with just a button press

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