UBS Payroll

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A tool designed to make the payroll process simple yet accurate and efficient





UBS Payroll is a handy software that will enable you to manage all the wage related aspects of your business. UBS Payroll complies to government requirements such as: KWSP Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A / 2 / 3, Income Tax, EA Form, CP8, CP22, CP22A, CP39, PCB2(11), TP1/TP2.

With its monthly, weekly, daily and hourly piece rated computation, it is an effective payroll system for all types of businesses and industries. To make it more convenient, UBS Payroll is able to submit net salary data via diskette to credit employee salaries through the bank. 
Last updated on April 26th, 2014
UBS Payroll - This is the main window of UBS Payroll that allows you to access all the features of the application.UBS Payroll - To manage the payments with UBS Payroll you need to use the options from this menu.UBS Payroll - The personnel management commands are available via this menu of UBS Payroll.UBS Payroll - screenshot #4UBS Payroll - screenshot #5UBS Payroll - screenshot #6

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