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An application that enables you to manage the fonts on your computer by deleting those you do not use, adding new ones and performing backup operations on them

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FontFrenzy features a smart selection of features for viewing, removing or restoring fonts, with an option to strip the system to the default font configuration.

The need for such an application can be easily explained by the following argument: every application that you install (especially text processing software) comes with its own set of fonts, which tend to overcrowd the system and slow it down at times.

Since uninstalling those applications won’t remove the fonts as well, a solution such as FontFrenzy is more than welcomed. In order to accomplish its purpose, it is bundled with all sorts of features that will get you in control of your font collection.

Relying on an intuitive and user-friendly interface, FontFrenzy includes several methods for dealing with installed fonts. In the order of their appearance in the program’s GUI, the first one is Defrenzy, which is able to remove all the fonts, except those that were originally shipped with the OS.

However, before proceeding with Defrenzy, it is recommended that you backup your font configuration and you can easily accomplish that using the FrenzySnap feature. This option allows you to capture a snapshot of the current font scenario, so you can restore it at a later time.

Font backups can be re-accommodated using the Refrenzy utility, which brings your system back to the original font setup. Moreover, you can use the FrenzyMan for a complete management of your fonts: it helps to add new fonts, delete or unload and store the selected ones.

There is also an option that allows you to repair the font folder; however, we were not able to tell exactly what it does – it only returns a message saying ‘Your Fonts Folder Has Been Repaired’. If we were to guess, we’d say that it probably performs a refresh after font deletion or something of this sort.

All in all, FontFrenzy is a great font companion, offering you full control of your font configuration with a backup option in case anything goes wrong.

FontFrenzy was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 1st, 2013
FontFrenzy - The main window of FontFrenzy displays a list of fonts installed on your system and allows you to search through them.FontFrenzy - The Defrenzy function removes all the fonts that were not originally shipped with your operating system.FontFrenzy - You can save the configuration of the currently installed fonts by accessing the FrenzySnap section of the application.FontFrenzy - screenshot #4FontFrenzy - screenshot #5FontFrenzy - screenshot #6FontFrenzy - screenshot #7FontFrenzy - screenshot #8FontFrenzy - screenshot #9

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