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A small, simple program to create, edit and manipulate text fonts.

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Although it might lead you into believing that this tiny app is actually a way to create your very own fonts from scratch, this utility actually works in a different manner. What Font Maker actually does is change a few settings of the typefaces you currently have on your computer and save the resulting project into a font map.

The application is being delivered as an incredibly light tool as it doesn't even come with an installer or compressed in an archive. It's just a stand-alone executable file that gives you instant access to all of its features via a very simple interface.

Font Maker allows you to choose a font from the ones stored onto your hard drive and play a little bit with its appearance. You can, for example, change the text color, the background color or adjust anti-aliasing settings.

For the latter option there are several levels you can manually input, as well as various types that can be applied to the output, namely no anti-alias, simple anti-alias, Windows anti-alias weak and Windows anti-alias strong.

There is a live preview in the main window so you can check out the changes in real-time before generating and saving the project. The end product of your work will be a simple font map in PNG format that is readable by all image viewers out there.

The conclusion is pretty simple: Font Maker is the kind of tool that doesn't impress, but in case you are looking for an app to change some font settings, this is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Font Maker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 28th, 2012
Font Maker - Font Maker is a basic font editor that allows you to generate fonts that look different than the most

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