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A management tool for TrueType fonts

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The Font Thing is a freeware Windows tool designed to help you manage fonts installed on your computer.

Although the app is supposed to perform such a simple task, you may be a bit confused when you first launch it. The interface hosts multiple options, but all features are nicely organized in the main window.

You can thus see the installed fonts, organize them in collections or browse a specific folder with fonts. Plus, you can see a sample of a single or multiple fonts, get info on the font, including name, family and subfamily name, unique font identifier and copyright, plus characters and notes.

Right-clicking a font in the list lets you uninstall it, change its name, copy the files to a folder or to a previously created collection.

Last but not least, the program has a special tool to print font samples and load a specific font for temporary use.

The Font Thing also features a small “Options” menu that comprises only basic tools concerning printing and appearance, with minimum settings for fonts and background colors.

Unfortunately, The Font Thing works exclusively on Windows XP and older versions of Microsoft's operating system, and there's no way to load it on a 64-bit Windows release.

All in all,The Font Thing is a decent app to manage the installed fonts, with a clean interface and simple features addressed at both beginners and more experienced users. Too bad it doesn't work on newer Windows releases.

The Font Thing was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 17th, 2012
The Font Thing - In the main window of the application you can view all the fonts that are stored on your computer.The Font Thing - You can test multiple fonts and compare text samples before you install or uninstall a font.The Font Thing - The application allows you to install, rename and group font into collections.The Font Thing - screenshot #4The Font Thing - screenshot #5The Font Thing - screenshot #6The Font Thing - screenshot #7The Font Thing - screenshot #8The Font Thing - screenshot #9The Font Thing - screenshot #10The Font Thing - screenshot #11

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