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A reliable and user-friendly software utility that can help you learn bass guitar chords so you can effortlessly play your favorite songs

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Playing guitar can be more than just a pastime for some users, since this instrument can also be used to make a living for some people.

Regardless of the purpose (leisure or business), if you want to improve your skills and learn to play more songs than before on your bass guitar, you can try 120BassChords.

A straightforward GUI for learning guitar chords

The application comes with an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI), thus encouraging even users with little PC knowledge to manage it without any hassle, especially considering the on-screen instructions displayed when launching the app.

You need to start by selecting the chords you are interested in, then listen to them with a single mouse click. A detailed picture illustrating the correct hand position for each chord is also included (you can drag and drop the chord image to any of your editors ).

Create a chord sequence and save it for later use

Using solely your mouse, you can choose several chords and add them to a sequence so as to create a melody - you can re-arrange the items via drag and drop until you are please with the outcome.

You can save the current sequence as a favorite, then proceed to creating a new one; whenever you want, you can simply access the dedicated menu and restore one of your favorites. Furthermore, you can also load the sample tune that can help you get started with bass guitar chords.

A versatile app for exercising bass guitar chords

All in all, 120BassChords can be a useful application for all those who want to enlarge their repertoire with new songs, yet are unsure regarding the correct chords.

Due to this utility, they can learn new bass guitar chords, but also listen to the ones they already know and create complex sequences with little effort.

120BassChords was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
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