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Bible Decoder is an application that allows you to explore different aspects of the Bible





Bible Decoder is an application that enables you to discover different aspects of the holly text. You can explore the text by English or Hebrew words and you can view the results with synchronized texts in both languages and also perform various code searches, including gematria and the well known ELS code searches (popularly known as the Bible Codes).

In addition, Bible Decoder is unique in its ability to import any text source in almost any language and then perform code searches on that text. You are no longer limited to doing searches on the Hebrew text since Bible Decoder's flexibility now enables you to research and compare the phenomena on any text you choose.

This crash course should only take a few minutes and although it won't make you a fluent Hebrew reader, it should give you a basic understanding of the Hebrew letters and how they form words.

Few claims have received so much attention and stirred up so much controversy as the findings of the Bible codes. These suggest that embedded in the Bible are secret codes that reveal all events.

Bible Decoder was written to enable anyone to investigate the Bible text and search for possible codes.

Here are some key features of "Bible Decoder":

■ One of the fastest (if not the fastest) code search engine.
■ Unique ability to perform code searches on texts other than the Bible, in order to compare findings.
■ Lightning fast searches for English or Hebrew words within the Bible text.
■ Synchronized view of Hebrew and English texts for each verse in the Bible.
■ Extensive help that includes explanations on the various code search methods as well as an introduction to Hebrew.


■ Evaluation Copy. You may use the SOFTWARE without charge on an evaluation basis. In the unregistered version, the matrix display for found codes is disabled.■
Last updated on September 1st, 2005
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