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A handy and efficient application aimed to provide you with a simple method of establishing a workout and nutrition regimen to gain muscle mass

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Bulk-X is an interesting and easy to understand piece of software whose main purpose resides in helping you create a workout schedule for yourself in order to become fit and gain muscle weight.

Input your details in the Initial configuration wizard

The application’s setup requires you to input a series of information about yourself, including your preferred measuring system, your gender, age, height and body fat percentage.

You can choose your regular level of daily activity (‘Sedentary’, ‘Light’, ‘Moderate’, ‘Heavy’ or ‘Very Heavy’), as well as your body shape, with three main types to opt between (‘Mesomorph’, ‘Ectomorph’, ‘Endomorph’) and their varying combinations.

Finally, you will need to answer a set of Yes / No questions which will determine your current physical fitness, your experience in working out and your objective for the following six weeks: to gain muscle or to lose weight. However, you will be regularly warned to make sure your answers are accurate, as there is no way of modifying them later.

Create and follow a three-phase workout regimen to obtain the body you want

After computing the information you provide, Bulk-X offers you a six-week plan, structured in three different phases, with various physical exercises for several days of the week. You have the possibility of choosing between multiple types of workouts from the corresponding drop-down menus.

Moreover, the program features a ‘Journal’ component where you can keep track of your activity and progress. The ‘Routine’ tool enables you to get an overview of the whole plan you intend to follow for reaching your goals, while the ‘Illustrations’ exemplify the types of exercises you can perform.

Optionally, you can monitor your eating habits and your diet, monitoring your meals closely; you can also introduce supplements in order to enhance your results in a shorter time span.

A handy workout scheduler

Overall, Bulk-X proves to be an appealing and effective utility that can assist you in obtaining the body you always wanted, but its results depend greatly on your willingness to stick through the self-imposed regimen.

Bulk-X S1 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Bulk-X S1 - The initial setup of Bulk-X S1 requires you to input your body's specifics and choose your level of daily activityBulk-X S1 - This step of the configuration wizard allows you to choose the body type you resemble mostBulk-X S1 - In this step, you can answer to a series of question which will establish your physical fitnessBulk-X S1 - screenshot #4Bulk-X S1 - screenshot #5Bulk-X S1 - screenshot #6Bulk-X S1 - screenshot #7Bulk-X S1 - screenshot #8

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