C2A 2.1.00

An incredibly powerful piece of software displaying a real time updating and customizable sky map with support for telescopes and various observation tools

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What's new in C2A 2.1.00:

  • New features:
  • The range of date for the IMCCE polynom file (file wap.b98) goes now from 1987 to 2040 instead of 2020. It is therefore possible to compute the positions of Solar System objects up to 2040.
  • An other option to automatically import asteroid orbital elements has been added. A list of asteroid names can be read from a text file and the orbital elements are then obtained from the astorb.dat file that must be available locally on the PC.
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Philippe Deverchère
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17 C2A Screenshots:
C2A - This is the main user interface of C2A where you can search for a specific solar body and the map will center to it, displaying detailed info at the same time.C2A - The File menu is where you can save your map, create a restore point, access user catalogs or export objects.C2A - By accessing the Edit menu you are able to use the zooming tool, go to next or previous field and launch the Find tool.C2A - You can enable the grid, meridian, constelations, ecliptic, Milky Way or synthetic sky views.C2AC2AC2AC2AC2AC2AC2AC2AC2AC2AC2AC2AC2A
Although for most individuals the sky is simply an area that's either the source of light in daytime and filled with wonder at night, there was a time when it served as a means of navigation. With powerful tools guided by computer applications, thorough sky maps and celestial body observations are done for both leisure and research. What's more, using specialized applications such as C2A it all becomes practical, efficient, and why not fun.

Suitable for amateurs and professionals alike

The application is not strictly targeting a specific public and can be used even by beginners, but with a little time spent accommodating due to the amount of features and complexity. On the other hand, if used in specialized environments such as planetariums, it becomes a powerful tool, with integrated components that enable you to connect a telescope via COM ports.

Customizable, real time updating sky map

Running the application brings up the interface with a simple design in terms of visuals, but filled with various components that are not difficult to understand. What's more, most of the space is taken up by the preview section which updates in real time if your computer is connected to the Internet.

Enthusiasts most likely get to spend a significant amount of time analyzing all possibilities, with nearly every known celestial body displayed, along with several grids you can toggle and edit for better identification.

Equipped with powerful observation tools

Each item can be hidden or made visible at the press of a button. Observation is a plus, with thorough tools to set up, including location with fields for coordinates, as well as a list of predefined locations for easier setup. There's also a log book so you can write down any observations or upcoming events.

Connect and control a telescope

As mentioned above, the application comes equipped with support for telescopes you can connect via COM ports. Controller types let you choose from Native LX200, Skysensor 2000 PC, PicAstro, Celestron NexStar and a few others.

In addition, you can play with a manual controller to point the telescope to a specific location, or simply mark a point on the star map in an attempt to have the telescope automatically focus it.

In conclusion

All things considered, beginners and enthusiasts can put this trustworthy application to good use for observations or research. The amount of features and tools C2A comes equipped with is staggering and can take some time to get familiar with. Needless to say that it is an incredibly powerful utility with a real time updating sky map and telescope support, making a test run become a sensational joyride.

C2A was reviewed by , last updated on January 27th, 2015

Runs on: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 64 bit

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