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A lightweight, yet handy application that provides a network simulator for CCNA systems, ranging from routers used to connected computers

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Simulating a network can help you better understand the connections and layout of each router or computer, that is why it is recommended to create and test a simulation of a network before setting up a real connection.

To help you in this matter, Network Simulator for CCNA offers you several tools for this task. The application allows you to simulate the connection between several computers and routers, and test certain protocols and data exchange commands between several connections.

Handy network analysis utility

The application can help you test advanced router or switch network functionalities, ranging from VLANs, VTP, interVLAn communications, RIP v2, OSPF to WAN protocol simulation. This way, you are able to simulate and try out several possible layouts or situations for your network.

Furthermore, the program provides you with several lab scenarios for NAT, OSPF, EIGRP or Access Lists, giving you the possibility to test the functionality of these protocols, especially when applied to your simulated network.

Reliable network simulator with user-friendly interface

Network Simulator for CCNA allows you to test out a network’s layout, in order to verify if it properly works or if it can be optimized, thus reducing certain additional connections. This can also help you minimize the number of routers or switches that need to be used for a stable connection between several machines.

Besides, you can always try to re-design a network’s layout if the one you are working on does not meet your requirements or it does not work as expected.

A straightforward and dependable network optimizer tool

To sum it up, Network Simulator for CCNA gives you the possibility to test and try out several network layouts, by arranging switches and routers the way you desire, then check if commands are properly distributed amongst the devices that compose your network.

Network Simulator for CCNA was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
Network Simulator for CCNA - Network Simulator for CCNA allows you to simulate a network and test certain situations to see how it would respond.Network Simulator for CCNA - By accessing the Network Diagram window, you can see the status of each router or computer connected to a simulated network.

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