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Keeps track of your medical history, stores the contact details of all your physicians and notifies you about upcoming doctor appoitments

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CGS MedRec acts as your own personal health record organizer, keeping track of medical information and notifying you about upcoming doctor's appointments. It supports multiple users, so it can remember the medical history of all the family members and even pets.

The application is very easy to work with and creating a new database is a simple task, thanks to the built-in wizard that guides you throughout the necessary steps. Access to the medical database can be password-protected, so that no one can view it without your consent.

CGS MedRec can record medical conditions and details regarding upcoming appointments to the doctor, the list of medicine you are currently using and instructions on the administration mode (quantity, schedule etc.).

In addition to this, it can store all kinds of numerical data, providing you with a way to monitor your weight, height, glucose level and so on. The automatically generated charts can offer a better insight and understanding of the parameter evolution.

The advantage is that all the data and events are connected, so you can easily determine the cause of a symptom. Furthermore, each record can be assigned documents, which means that you can use this application to store x-ray scans, lab reports or any other relevant document.

The application can also create a list of all your physicians and store their contact information, so that you can easily reach them when needed.

With just a few clicks, you can print the list of currently used medicine, physicians or relevant medical events. Alternatively, data can be exported to CSV or XML format.

CGS MedRec can prove useful to anyone who wants to thoroughly monitor their health. It allows you to store all the important events and centralizes your medical history, while also reminding you about upcoming appointments that you shouldn't miss.

CGS MedRec was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on December 26th, 2014
CGS MedRec - CGS MedRec can store data about your medical conditions and remind you about upcoming check-ups.CGS MedRec - CGS MedRec keeps track of upcoming appointments and allows you to create a contact list for your physicians.CGS MedRec - All the physicians you are visiting are neatly displayed in an organized table, along with their specialization.CGS MedRec - screenshot #4CGS MedRec - screenshot #5CGS MedRec - screenshot #6CGS MedRec - screenshot #7

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