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A simple and lightweight application developed specifically for children, to provide them with a useful tool in learning basic maths

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Calculator for Kids is a user-friendly and reliable software solution aimed specifically at children who wish to learn or practice basic mathematical skills, through a fun and colorful interface.

The application is quite basic, as it addresses children primarily. Additionally, it requires no installation process, so it can be run immediately after download, without a problem.

It can only be accessed through the computer mouse, as it does not receive commands from the keyboard. As such, all children need to do is click on the numbers and operations they want to perform, then on the 'Equal' button to obtain the result.

Calculator for Kids is able to perform a series of basic mathematical operations, namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Moreover, it offers support for negative numbers as well as decimal numbers, meaning it can also be used for more advanced calculations.

The program does not display the full operation, with the numbers, the mathematical sign and the result at the same time. In return, it only allows children to view the individual numbers they input and the result, which might prove a bit difficult for younger students who need to understand the process behind the calculation. Additionally, the previous operations are not stored into the utility's memory, nor can they be exported for further analysis.

Calculator for Kids is a helpful albeit quite limited application that features an attractive interface for children and is meant to help them perform basic math operations, providing them with the accurate result every time.

Calculator for Kids was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
Calculator for Kids - Calculator for Kids is a simple utility developed for children to practice simple mathematical operations

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