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A comprehensive application that enables you to learn how to play several songs or note sequences, on different chords instruments

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ChordsMaestroLite is a simple to use, educative software that enables you to study music and play chord instruments, by practicing with note sequences. The software displays a note representation on the tabs, keys, strings, chords and photos. You can easily compose songs or note sequences for study.

Multi-instrument support

The software enables you create songs that you can play with all the recommended chords instruments. The representation of notes and chords is suitable for guitar, bass guitar, piano, ukulele, mandolin, banjo and balalaika. You can easily select the notes from the collection and create a sequence, that you can transpose to any of the available instruments.

The software renders the audio representation of each of the selected notes and can even play the entire song you created, by simulating the sound of the chosen instrument. Switching between the instruments is easy and can be done with a simple mouse click, since all the instruments are connected.

Song creator

With ChordsMaestroLite, you may easily create songs even if you do not own extensive musical theory knowledge. Due to the fact that the software plays the note as soon as you click on it, offers you a quick preview and insight on the final sound of your tune. You may easily save your composition to a local folder, for later use.

Moreover, the software displays a colored photo, representing the correct string grasp on each instrument, that renders a specific note. The photos can be dragged and dropped from ChordsMaestroLite to other applications, for educational or exemplifying purposes. Additionally, the software offers support for loading your favorite song’s chords and practicing with them.

Educational music software

ChordsMaestroLite is simple to use, yet offers comprehensive assistance for users who wish to learn how to play an instrument. The application specializes in instruments with strings, such as guitar, bass guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo and balalaika. You may easily compose songs or practice with difficult chord sequences, thanks to the software's note rendering and sound previewing function.

ChordsMaestroLite was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
ChordsMaestroLite - ChordsMaestroLite is a simple to use application that enables you to learn and compose songs for multiple chords instruments.ChordsMaestroLite - The application enables you to create a chords sequence, apply it for multiple instruments, then listen to the song.ChordsMaestroLite - You may save the current chords sequence to your computer and import it later in another music creating or studying application.ChordsMaestroLite - screenshot #4

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