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Keep track of your books, add them into a virtual library and include all necessary details with this handy software application

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Shelves are not the only place where you can find books. Using specialized computer applications, these can easily be kept track of. Complete Home Library promises to do just that, and puts a large pallet of tools at your disposal.

Slightly difficult to use

Nearly anything in the main window can be pressed. This gets rather confusing, because hovering the mouse cursor on most of the text lines will enclose them in a frame, making it look like a button, while some share this appearance by default.

Furthermore, they suffer from the lack of intuitive placement, making necessary functions hard to spot from until you get used to their location.

Most options open up in separate windows. When you are done editing, the only way to close them is by locating an exit button. You can also drag your mouse cursor to the little “X”, but it does no good because it is grayed out.

A lot of options to work with

The application gives you a breathtaking amount of details by which you can keep track of your books. The “Display Options” tab alone lets you view and edit the basic info as well as anything more you can think of. Opening up the detailed view only further enhances this possibility.

Amongst these, you will also come across an integrated player to set up playlists of audio books and play them from the comfort of your desktop. There is also a thumbnails graphics viewer which speaks for itself.

When creating or editing info, you must first gain permission, which is obtained by pressing a button. Remember to save your work though, because if the application accidentally closes, it is lost and you are not asked if you want to save.

In conclusion

All in all, Complete Home Library tries to offer a helping hand in better tracking your book collection, but it loses you in details. Available options are plentiful and not to mention useful. However, the poor design might have you turning to something else before exploring every inch of the application.

Complete Home Library was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
Complete Home Library - Complete Home Library will help you create and control multiple libraries of both hard-copy materials and electronic filesComplete Home Library - The File menu will provide users with basic functions as well as Append New HTML File or New References Page fileComplete Home Library - Users will be able to access options such as Reaccess Library Entry or Backup Current Library within the Library menuComplete Home Library - screenshot #4Complete Home Library - screenshot #5Complete Home Library - screenshot #6

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