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A reliable and specialized application for managing DNA sequence assemblies, analyzing sequences, detecting mutations or editing contig

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DNA Baser is an advanced bioinformatics software application specialized in DNA sequence assembly, sequence analysis, contig editing and mutation detection.

Clean feature lineup and importing options

When you think about molecular biology programs you automatically link them with a comprehensive and sometimes a crowded interface where you need to dedicate your time in order to get an idea about how the software can be tweaked.

However, this is clearly not the case with DNA Baser. The tool displays a user-friendly layout, embeds tutorials for helping you learn more about its features, gives you quick access to an online help manual, and provides several samples that can be imported in your projects.

When it comes to importing data into your projects, you are allowed to add information from ABI, SCF, FAST, TXT, SEQ, GBK, or CSV file format.

A rich suite of tasks that you can work with

DNA Baser lists all tasks in the main panel, so you can easily proceed with working with sequence processing, namely sequence assembly (single contig assembly or batch assembly based on name pattern or subfolders) or editing and cleaning options (single sequence editing and cleaning or batch sequence cleaning).

If you opt for the mutation detection process, you are given the freedom to apply this particular task in a single chromatogram or through sequence assembly/alignment from a single organism (multiploid with cloning or diploid without cloning) or from different organisms (two or more), such as haploids, multiploids with cloning or diploids without cloning.

There’s support for several post processing options that you can take advantage of, namely sequence dereplicator (if duplicate files are found, you can copy or move them to a custom folder) and reverse complement.

Conversion and other handy features

You can make use of batch processing in order to convert various files (e.g. ABI, SCF, FAST, TXT, SEQ) to FASTA file format. When it comes to encoding GBK files to FASTA file format, you are allowed to select the elements that you want to include in the output FASTA file, such as definition, organism, version, gene, and clone.

DNA Baser also features automatic cleaning (trimming) of the bad ends of chromatograms, synchronized display between chromatograms and contig, proprietary algorithm for correction of ambiguous bases, automatic vector removal and metadata integration, as well as chromatogram viewer and editor.

An efficient and powerful DNA sequence assembler

To sum things up, DNA Baser comes with a comprehensive suite of feature and delivers a clean and smart working environment for managing DNA sequence assemblies, and is suitable especially for professional users.

DNA Baser was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on January 10th, 2015
DNA Baser - The application allows you to create and open files that contain DNA sequences so you can analyze them.DNA Baser - You can open various files, such as ABI, SCF, SEQ and FASTA, then you can modify them.DNA Baser - Using this application you can assemble DNA sequences and detect their mutations.DNA Baser - screenshot #4DNA Baser - screenshot #5DNA Baser - screenshot #6DNA Baser - screenshot #7DNA Baser - screenshot #8DNA Baser - screenshot #9DNA Baser - screenshot #10DNA Baser - screenshot #11DNA Baser - screenshot #12DNA Baser - screenshot #13DNA Baser - screenshot #14DNA Baser - screenshot #15DNA Baser - screenshot #16DNA Baser - screenshot #17DNA Baser - screenshot #18DNA Baser - screenshot #19DNA Baser - screenshot #20

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