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As the name suggests, LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) is a program that you can use to translate any word from English to Farsi and viceversa.

The interface is simple, comprising a customizable toolbar and three sections. The first one displays all the dictionary entries in alphabetical order. The second one is designed to let you view all the available translations and word explanations, while the third pane is designed for word search.

Clicking on any word in the dictionary displays its translation in Farsi. If you want to find a word in the dictionary, you just have to start typing it in the search box and you are automatically guided to the corresponding database section. Furthermore, you have the possibility to use the predefined filters in order to find certain word categories.

One interesting feature is that you can customize the dictionary by adding new words to the database. In this case, you have to specify the word gender, grammatical category, transcription and, of course, its translation. A comment or sample can also be added.

But this program is not a simple dictionary where you can find individual words and their Farsi correspondent. It is capable of finding synonyms and word variants and easily translates whole texts, allowing you to copy the output to the clipboard.

In addition, the application can interact with LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary or (provided you have it installed on your computer), which is really useful if you want to learn word pronunciation in Farsi or English.

Including more than 400.000 words and phrases, LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) is a viable solution for learning Farsi and performing translations into and from this language.

LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on December 10th, 2012
LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) - LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) is an application that allows you to translate any word from English to Farsi.LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) - This menu of the program enables users to add a new word to the dictionary.LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) - The Tools menu allows you to find a certain word or search for synonyms.LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) - screenshot #4LingvoSoft Dictionary English - Persian (Farsi) - screenshot #5

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