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A simple and user-friendly application that enables you to find synonyms for various words in your essays and replace them to generate original texts

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Dr Assignment Auto Rewriter is a user-friendly piece of software that aims to assist you in quickly finding numerous synonyms for various words in your essay or article.

The program is sufficiently simple to understand and work with, meaning you need no experience with similar tools. You just need to enter the text, either by pasting it into the main window or by typing it manually, whichever best suits your situation.

Dr Assignment Auto Rewriter features two distinct functioning modes, namely 'Automatic' and 'Manual', enabling you to choose the one you feel would generate the best result, while also recommending that you use the latter for academic purposes, where high-quality texts are expected.

In 'Automatic' mode, the application will randomly replace words in the input text with their synonyms, according to the previously set percentage, that can vary from 20 to 100 percent. However, choosing to work with this function might not generate the best results, as the used synonyms do not take into account the context or the phrase they become a part of, which can lead to ridiculous sentences.

The 'Manual' mode works in another way, by taking the text you enter and analyzing all its words, retrieving a list of possible replacements and enabling you to select the ones you feel best match the rest of the sentence. Each word that has one or more potential substitutes is highlighted and by hovering over it, a drop-down menu lists your alternatives. After settling on a set of terms, you can press the 'Confirm' button and the utility will display the new article with all the synonyms you picked, allowing you to copy them to clipboard.

To conclude, Dr Assignment Auto Rewriter is a useful and reliable tool whose main purpose is to help you rephrase articles or papers faster, by providing you with a wide array of synonyms for the words in your text.

Dr Assignment Auto Rewriter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 10th, 2014
Dr Assignment Auto Rewriter - In the main window  of Dr Assignment Auto Rewriter, users can paste the text they want to rewriteDr Assignment Auto Rewriter - In Manual mode, the application will look up various synonyms for words in the text, allowing you to choose the preferred termDr Assignment Auto Rewriter - The Automatic mode will replace random words from the text with their synonyms

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