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Using this straightforward application you can select pictures of your clothes and design your outfit for various occasions and events

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Regardless of the weather, people always try to look as good as possible, so they choose the outfits they consider to emphasize their best features. However, when you run out of ideas regarding the clothes combinations you can make, you can rely on dedicated software solutions, such as Dress Assistant.

The application comes with an intuitive graphic interface and it enables you to create a database with images depicting all your clothes, so you can mix and match with ease, depending on the event you want to attend. If you do not have pictures for all your clothing items, you can also use a webcam and capture all your clothes.

First of all, you need to specify the type of wardrobe you are interested in, be it a man’s or a woman’s, then start adding the outfit pictures you have previously taken

You can organize them by type, so as to be able to find them easier when in need; as such, you can sort your clothes in overcoats, jackets, sweaters, dresses, shirts, long-sleeved blouses, T-shirts, pants, skirts and so on.

Furthermore, you can also catalog your shoes (such as running shoes or elegant ones), purses, belts, accessories, sports wear or under wear.

You can assign relevant names to each item you catalog, so you can identify it with ease when you want to create a suitable combination for an upcoming event.

When it comes to mixing and matching your clothes, you need to drag and drop the items onto the dedicated section and assess the result - if you are not pleased, simply try new clothes until the result is satisfactory enough. Needless to say, this method requires far less time and effort than actually trying on the clothes until you come up with a good combination.

All in all, Dress Assistant can be a handy tool for both men and women who like to be dressed to the nines regardless of the weather or the event they are attending.

Dress Assistant was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 8th, 2014
Dress Assistant - Dress Assistant allows you to select the pictures of your clothes and create your wardrobe.Dress Assistant - The application allows you to select photos stored on your computer or capture your webcam.Dress Assistant - Using the application you can create new events and specify the date as well as their name.Dress Assistant - screenshot #4Dress Assistant - screenshot #5

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