Finale PrintMusic 2014 v820

A comprehensible and efficient software application designed to help you easily transcribe musical notes, allowing you to compose music in an advanced fashion

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What's new in Finale PrintMusic 2014 v820:

  • New file format. Designed to improve compatibility, the new format for documents created in PrintMusic helps you share your music more easily. Older documents are automatically converted when you open them, and you will be prompted to save the file in the new format. You can also export your document to the older format for use in Finale 2012 products (use MusicXML for earlier versions such as PrintMusic 2011). See File/Export/2012 Finale Notation File.
  • Improved instrument handling with Score Manager. PrintMusic includes a new instrument paradigm that establishes a relationship between all attributes of score instruments, including staff attributes and sound assignments. As you add, remove, reorder, or change instruments, PrintMusic updates group brackets for instrument families automatically. Administer complete control over score instruments in one convenient, modeless window. Score Manager takes care of the details – controlling how your staves look and sound – so you don’t have to. Easily change a flute staff to a clarinet staff. The Score Manager knows how a clarinet staff transposes, looks, and sounds, so it makes all the necessary arrangements. See Score Manager.
  • Easy playback sound assignment. In addition to selecting sounds in the Score Manager, you can allow PrintMusic to automatically assign sounds to your score instruments according to a priority list that you specify. See Sound Map Priority dialog box.
  • Easy hidden staves. PrintMusic makes it easy to hide staves in your whole score or selected regions. For staves without music, simply choose Staff > Hide Empty Staves. Additionally, staves are now hidden using a "collapse" method in which other staves are automatically repositioned vertically. See Hiding staves.
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Finale PrintMusic - The application allows you to easily transcribe musical notes on the stave, allowing you to compose advanced musical scores.Finale PrintMusic - From the File menu of the application, you can save your on-going project or you can start a new one.Finale PrintMusic - From the Edit menu of Finale PrintMusic, you can undo or redo any modifications you have made to your on-going project.Finale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusicFinale PrintMusic
Finale PrintMusic is a handy application aimed at all those interested in learning music notation or in composing their own music. The software enables users to easily come up with advanced music sequences, thus being suitable for songwriters, students, or band leaders.

Getting started with writing down music is easy

The utility is easy-to-use, providing users with a Setup Wizard to get them started with a new project, which instantly configures pickup measures, time signatures, and other elements as well.

A series of templates to choose from makes it simple to write the notes in a preferred manner, and there are also different document styles to opt for, ensuring a personalized experience.

Users can also scan their existing music with SmartScore Lite, which is included in the package, or can import MusicXML and MIDI files.

Composed music can be played in real time

Finale PrintMusic enables users to listen to the notes they are adding to a song in real time, while also offering the possibility to playback composed sequences with a simple mouse click.

The software provides a great sound experience, allowing users to listen to their music as it would be performed by live musicians, or with harmonies added to it. A mixer enables fine-tuning of playback, and the application also allows users to save their music as an audio file.

Automatic instrument handling

The software features a series of instrument handling capabilities and can relate instruments to one another. Thus, it automatically rearranges group brackets for different families of instruments when the user adds more of them or changes existing ones.

With this application, users can insert tempos, dynamics, articulation and more to their songs. They can also add an unlimited number of verses or print their score.

In the end, Finale PrintMusic offers an extensive set of capabilities for songwriters and for all users interested in getting started with composing their own music. It comes with an intuitive Setup Wizard and with QuickStart Videos that make it easy-to-use even for those without experience in the field.

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