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A simple to use application that enables you to learn or to practice playing the banjo and offers support for composing several songs

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FreeBanjoChords is a reliable virtual music tutor that enables you to practice playing the banjo, with custom chords and songs. The software offers you the available chords for playing on the banjo and plays each note as you select it.

Learning to play the banjo

FreeBanjoChords is a suitable software for learning and practicing playing the banjo, for both beginners and professionals. The software allows you to compose songs or select note sequences, then plays them using the original banjo sound. The purpose of this function is to offer you a preview of the final audio stream and also to give you a feeling of the authentic banjo.

The software features multiple display areas, including the string points, the TAB representation and a colored image that depicts the correct position of the fingers on the strings. This way, you can easily learn playing chords on the banjo as if practicing with a teacher.

Song composer

FreeBanjoChords contains sound samples for a wide variety of notes and tonalities, from the basic series, to sharp, flat, major and minor tonalities, major7 or suspended notes. You can create a sequence of sounds, by clicking on each button representing a note or scale modifications. The notes are placed in a queue, so you may preview the final tune.

You can simply press the play button and the software can render all the selected notes, like a melody. You may acquire the feel of the banjo playing, but also improve your musical skills, by creating original scores. The photos that depict the correct string pressure points can easily be dragged and dropped to other applications.

Virtual banjo playing tutor

Whether you are a skilled banjo player or a beginner, FreeBanjoChords can help you learn and improve your skills at playing the instrument. Moreover, it offers support for music composing and it enables you to preview your original song as if played with the authentic banjo. You may easily learn how to correctly press the strings, as well as play with several notes, tonalities and scale modifiers.

FreeBanjoChords was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
FreeBanjoChords - FreeBanjoChords is a simple to use application that enables you to learn and practice playing the banjo, with chords.FreeBanjoChords - The software allows you to easily save the music composition you acquired by combining multiple notes and tonalities.FreeBanjoChords - The software enables you to create songs or sound sequences, by adding several chords to the list and previewing the result.

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