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A software solution designed to help you tune your viola, equipped with a list of various pitches and sound signatures for different environments

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Unlike a violin, the viola produces a more grave sound signature and it is mainly used in larger orchestras to blend in with the other instruments. To maintain its pitch, the viola must be regularly tuned by hand, using various settings to obtain the desired sound.

Learn how to tune your viola

FreeViolaTuner is a software utility designed to provide you with a convenient environment to try out new tunes and pitches, by enabling you to play and hear the instrument, using various tuning options. Hence, you can hear the changes before applying them to your own viola and work around having to try them on the actual instrument beforehand.

To achieve this, the application bundles a sound renderer that emulates the viola, with a separate button for each string and a large list of different pitches to choose from. Each time a note is played, you can hear the changes in the sound signature, which enables you to tune the instrument accordingly and obtain the same results on your own.

Choose from a variety of pitches

Among the available pitch modes, you can find a comprehensive selection of tunings used in a variety of settings around the world. Thus, the choices include the New Berliner Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Renaissance pitch, all of which are created in accordance to the environments they are originally taken from.

In addition, the utility also provides you with a repeat function, which can come in handy when you want to hear the slight differences in pitch between the aforementioned configurations. Once the repeater is activated, the same note is played continuously, allowing you to pinpoint even the slightest variations.

An educational viola tuner

In the end, FreeViolaTuner can be successfully used as an educational utility, in order to teach yourself how to achieve different sound signatures with your own instrument. Moreover, the user interface is highly intuitive and easy-to-use, with all the available functions clearly defined and simple to put into practice.

FreeViolaTuner was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 27th, 2014
FreeViolaTuner - You can play the desired chords and activate the repeat function from the main window of the utility.FreeViolaTuner - The frequency menu allows you to choose from a wide range of sound signatures and pitches.

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